The Plexus Project is an initiative to bring together the creative talent of different disciplines to share techniques, solve problems and build networks of collaboration around contemporary topics of architecture, engineering, computation and visual arts. Plexus is an opportunity for emerging research and practices to showcase and expose their work early on. Originally started in 2013 at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL in London with great success, AREA joined the programme since 2016 to extend its reach in Europe. Conferences are open to the public.

Next session, 23rd March 2018, 6:30pm

AREA Institute

96 Rue de Cléry, 75002 Paris, France

PlexusParis_03: Arthur Mamou-Mani

PlexusParis_03: Jessica In

PlexusParis_03: Judyta Cichocka

PlexusParis_03: Mariana Popescu

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Drawbot is a series of exhibitions which explore the nature of drawing in the post-digital era. A traditional architectural medium, drawing is being radically rede ned by the computational turn, through the use of digital design, visualization and fabrication techniques. Drawbot will present projects by architects, artists and computation scientists through a series of 4 exhibitions, workshops and talks. It will explore the mutations of contemporary drawing, produced or influenced by robotic technologies, artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms, and its reconnection to abstraction, imagination and materiality.

Next exhibition. Drawbot #2, 08th Feb. - 24th Feb. 2018.

Art[n+1] gallery

96 Rue de Cléry, 75002 Paris, France

Drawbot #1: Anne-Valérie Gasc

Drawbot #1: Maria Smigielska

Drawbot #1: Peter Macapia

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Kids@Tech are half-day workshops, during 1 or 2 days, for kids aiming at establishing a first contact with the creative potentials of technologies in a playful and participatory fashion. Workshops are organised and tailored for two different age ranges : Mini Fab for children from 2 to 6 years old, and Middle Fab from 7 to 15 years old. Mini Fab is a discovery workshop into volumes and textures to enhance and encourage the development of cognitive skills towards spatial representation by construction, collage and drawing games. Workshops are supervised by professionals trained in early education of children, together with architects, designers and artists. Middle Fab explores notions of scale by spatial transformations and new technologies transforming the creative industries are introduced in a playful way together with coding and visual programming, robotics and additive fabrication.

Next workshop coming soon.

AREA Institute

96 Rue de Cléry, 75002 Paris, France

Kids@Tech: Robotic drawing workshop with Maria Smigielska during Drawbot #1 exhibition

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Through its genuine experience in breeding creativity and innovation in the creative industries in France and abroad, Area Institute envisions a stronger European programme together with talented partners for the near future: A RE[a]SIDENCY programme, 8 months individual or in-collaboration residency across three European countries and institutions for the curation, research and production of outstanding emerging artists, designers or architects. From 2018 on, a yearly call for application will put through selection emerging talents from these fields for up to three open positions as resident of the programme.

More information coming soon.

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Evolutions in technology  are creating endless and unpredictable changes in pedagogy, business and the economy. It is because of this influence of technology that it is necessary to rethink the way in which these areas operate, develop and share knowledge. With that in mind, a dedicated team created an independent institute in 2017 to pursue that goal and focus early-on the applied research and entrepreneurial aspects of architecture, design, engineering and the arts.

Area institute is a non-profit organisation for curating creative design and architecture. It aims, in France, Europe and abroad, at the transdisciplinary teaching and experimentation of emerging practices in architecture, design, fabrication and construction. It also brings support and exposure to curated artists, architects and designers by organising, along the year, exhibitions, symposiums, workshops, masterclasses and residencies. The curation of knowledge exchange and transfer is the core project of the institute. Teaching digital technologies to trigger creativity and deepen interactions between designers. Identifying and promoting emerging significant practices and trends in research and the industry. Aiming both at conversing with experts of the profession and a wide public audience, including the young ones.

By doing so, the institute acts as a bridge between academic institutions, research entities, industrial capacities and demands, as well as ambitious and visionary practices. Curating the links between them and creating efficient and appropriate bridges when projects need them to achieve their goals is the key value at work in Area’s efforts to foster innovation and autonomy.

Area aims at emulating a new generation of architects, engineers, programmers, designers and developers in computational design, fabrication and construction processes, and produce research areas that favour entrepreneurship. In order to do so, the executive, advisory and management teams need to be both on the cutting-edge of scientific practices and aware of the very demanding contemporary market that ensures that technological applications find strong business development perspectives. It is because of this that AREA brings together young and talented professionals from all fields and guides them towards meaningful and useful applications of their intense and collaborative research, thereby leading the way for further integration of academic research and new ways of thinking and working.

We favor cross-disciplinary work as we believe that working between various industries and fields strengthens interaction between sciences and arts.This collaboration is essential to furthering the fields of architecture and design. Our goal is to revive and grow our knowledge base and help practices thrive thereby constructively shaping the future of contemporary societies.

AREA meets new demands for post-university environments. Collective and often open-source practices are profoundly reconfiguring the trade.

Area’s goal is twofold and composed of two complementary structures. In addition to the institute, Area’s secondary structure is its accelerator. It supports, develops and promotes Products & Services in AEC and thought as second set for Area members and residents who wish to pursue their projects with an entrepreneurial perspective in a tailored environment.

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Leslie Ware

Managing Director

Christian Girard

Scientific Board

Pierre Cutellic

Applied Research

Emmanuelle Chiappone - Piriou



Frédéric Migayrou


Samir Lamouri


Thomas Le Diouron


Thomas Paviot


Jose Sanchez


Nassim Saoud








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